Computer Lessons for Kids and Small Adults


Computers can be a lot of fun and they can also be very confusing. I think that the more you know about them, the more fun they are.   So let's get to know them!


These lessons are an on-going project, I will add to them as time permits.
Please feel free to mail me suggestions and comments! If you would like to print them out for someone, you have my permission, I am glad you find them useful! But a little e-mail of encouragement wouldn't hurt :-).

If you notice spelling or grammatical errors, please let me know, but please note which lesson, or file. In other words, try to make it easy for me to find the error.

Introduction - Why is it good to learn how computers work?

Lesson 1 - What Do the Parts Do

Lesson 2 - The DOS Operating System

Lesson 3 - Files, the Overview

Lesson 4 - Files, They Are Like LP Records

Lesson 5 - Organizing Files Is Like Organizing Refrigerators